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Product Feature
l  Input voltage : 100-240V AC, AC Outlet: 2 Prong  
l  Output Voltage : 19V  2.1A (Equivalent include 1.58A)
l  Output Power 40watts Connector size: 5.5*1.7mm.
l  Over voltage /Over current / Short circuit protection
l  Please make sure the DC voltage and Connector size are accordance before connector.
l  This adapter can be equivalent for all laptop connector 5.5*1.7mm, output voltage DC19V/2.1Amps
Equivalent with follow Series (under list is for reference)
Dell: Inspiron Mini 9, Mini 10, Mini 12,Inspiron 910/1210
ACER: Travel Mate 8172, 8172T, 8172Z
ACER Aspire:
2021, 2021WLMi, 2022, 2023, 2023LMi, 2023WLCi, 2023WLMi, 2024, 2024WLCi, 2024WLMi, 2025, 2025LMi, 2025WLMi , 2026, 2026LMi, 2026WLMi, AC700-1099
Acer Aspire One:
A0A110-1722 Series, A110L Series, A150L Series, A150X Series,
AOA110-1295 Series, AOA110-1626 Series, AOA150-1006 Series,
ZG5, 751 Series,AOD140 Series, AOD150 Series, 521 and 522 Series,
532 and 533 Series, D255/255E and D260 Series, Happy 11XX/12XX Series

Ferrari One Series